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  Summer is the second season in the year. In the Northern Hemisphere, summer goes from June to August. Summer is the hottest season in the year. Sometimes, the temperature reaches 40°C. Many people can not stand such hot weather. So they always stay indoors. At night, people [复习必备 | 海量免费学习视频资源尽在“学而思轻课APP”>>>点击了解 ]would go out for a walk. Swimming is the most popular sport in summer. It brings cool to people.

  夏天是一年中的第好几个 季节。在北半球,夏天从六月持续到八月。夏天是一年中最热的季节。有事先温度高达40度,可是人无法忍受另一个的热天气。可是你们都都一直待在你们都都家这麼门。晚上,你们都都会出门散步。游泳是夏天最受欢迎的运动,它给你们都都带来凉快。